Our "sartorial" philosophy

As tourism offer grows, travellers can fulfil their expectations by choosing among the various types of vacations, hotels, and services available on the market.
However, in the unique world of tourism, there is something on which everyone agrees: every guest wants to be pampered, protected, and cared for during their vacation. This is where New Era by P.S. L’Equipe comes into play. Thanks to our experience, updated programmes, and teams of professionals, we are among the best in the hospitality sector.
Our product exceeds the market standards, and it is tailored to every tourist facility. Therefore, we like to call ourselves a ‘sartorial’ agency, which means that we can give every holiday village, camping or travel agency exactly what they need to stand out in the eyes of their guests.

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New Era by P.S. L’Equipe has almost 30 years of experience in tourist entertainment and training. The owners of the company started the business in the 1990s, with the purpose of opening new doors for themselves, their employees and other tourism facilities and hotels.
We were the go-to company for many different travel agencies.
We opened the first Bravo Clubs with Alpitour;
we shared the beautiful natural reserves of Camerota, Tremiti and La Maddalena with the Italian Touring Club for 18 years;
we brought the humour and passion of Italian entertainers to exotic places in Egypt alongside Domina and Swan Tour;
finally, we created and tested programmes that combine the Italian passion and an international approach in the best villages of the Northern Adriatic Sea and Garda Lake.

Work With Us

Thanks to these diverse experiences we face what we like to call a NEW ERA, where we are experiencing the evolution of tourism without forgetting the principles on which we built our success in the past 30 years:
- Selection of candidates from all over Italy and connection with the best foreign partners. These are valuable sources for hiring bilingual employees.
- Training in our many Academies, where every candidate enters as an individual and becomes part of a team.
- Programmes created by expert choreographers, set designers, costume designers, daytime and mini-club entertainers tailored to tourism facilities and their guests.
These principles and our deep knowledge of the qualities of our collaborators always make them "the right entertainer in the right place."

Work With Us

Become an entertainer

If you already possess good character, perseverance, patience, adaptability, and team spirit, we can teach you the techniques to be a good tourist entertainer. NOT ONLY A PROFESSION, BUT ALSO A VOCATION. For more technical jobs such as deejay, choreographer and set designer, you would be required to already possess some skills: we will teach you how to use them for tourist entertainment. Finally, you could become a lifeguard, sailing or windsurf instructor by following our training courses created in collaboration with federal instructors.

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Our staff

works to build a future for young adults who choose to work in the tourism industry. We strive to make the dreams of every entertainer that enters this world come true, as it was for many of our employees that now work as entertainers, assistants and coordinators at various levels and sectors in tourism. Living this experience and working in charming holiday destinations with nice, kind, and relaxed people it is not only a dream! It is our daily life!

What they say about us

It was a unique and one-of-a-kind experience that started with training and ended with a wonderful summer in Jesolo, near Venice, where I had to go through many challenges, emotions and difficulties! I can only be grateful to P.S. L’Equipe for this experience. First of all, I am grateful for the working opportunity but also for having the possibility to be with an extraordinary team that in three months became my second family.

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